Author's Name - Steven Darian


Tools of the Trade provides all the techniques you need, for writing great nonfiction––whether it's a scholarly work or a textbook, a trade book like a history of archery, or an article on spec for The Atlantic. As well as describing the sand traps that writers on more "serious" topics––often fall into. In short, we'll be examining the caviar and the caveats.

This little book has four goals: to help you develop your reader's interest, increase their understanding and remembering. And... to help you establish the relationship. These four, whether we realize it or not, are the keys to successful writing. There are a hundred ways to make them part of your writing. Our book contains all the techniques you'll need.

Our examples are drawn mostly from books & magazines, the dozens of manuscripts I've done battle with, as a professional editor, and of course, my own scribblings.